20. loves L.Kim sooo much.Inspirit but also Queen and Cassie. my bias is Kim jaejoong, Myungsoo aka L, Exo Kai and Luhan, t-ara Jiyeon

This is my ultimate bias, Oh Sehun…

jongin's hips don't lie

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shy, shy, shy boy~

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jongin doing the ALS ice bucket challenge on stage

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luhan covering jongin's nipples after he got wet from the ice bucket challenge

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luhan trying to save the reputation of jongin's nipples with paper towels

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a cold jongin after the ice bucket challenge

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adorable jongin with glasses

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he can fly

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jongin hitting sehun in the head with the mini toy hammer

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kai twirling like a badass(〃・ω・〃)

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Myungsoo~ r u okay? LOL!! ..  (◡‿◡❀)